January 11, 2023

Ways to tap into Goddess Manifestation Energy Secrets USA 2023

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Ways to tap into Goddess Manifestation Energy Secrets USA 2023 |  want to invoke your inner goddess, or  Divine peace and calm, Or get amazing health & wealth

Ways to tap into Goddess Manifestation Energy Secrets USA 2023

Giving you the power to create the life of your dreams Just like a goddess. It felt like a Queen of the Amazonians descended Thor-like from the heavens.I’ll tell you all about the mysterious, feminine, divine, and powerful Diana – in just a minute.You’ll discover the simple way to flip a secret “divine switch” deep inside you…

Every woman is born with the feminine divine already programmed into her DNA.Have you always felt like some amazing version of you was inside… But you just didn’t know how to call it forth?Then you add societal expectations… Relational trauma Ignorant teachers Unenlightened coache, And it begins to program beliefs, habits, and actions that perpetuate cultural norms.Fully and utterly suppressing our innate power. Read more about Ways to tap into Goddess Manifestation Energy Secrets USA 2023

We stop trusting our feminine intuitio We doubt our own wisdo And because society devalues us, we begin to devalue ourselves as women.If you’ve ever felt held back by society’s expectations Like you can never truly spread your wings… It’s because we’re disconnected from the feminine divine Symptoms of that disconnection ALWAYS show up.Giving us a lack of satisfaction with ourselves A lack of worthAnd provoking us to measure our worth and compare ourselves with other women.

Ways to tap into Goddess Manifestation Energy Secrets

Ways to tap into Goddess Manifestation Energy Secrets USA 2023 Here’s what you’ll experience

  • Day 1 is a prayer meditation to “Welcome Your Power.”

It’s based on the Goddess Athena.She’s the goddess of “Determination” and “Action.”This audio prayer is infused with the 714 Hz Frequency.It’s designed as a wake up call to empower the feminine divine… And feed the part of your soul that’s felt dis-empowered.Ways to tap into Goddess Manifestation Energy Secrets 2023
You’ll begin to feel the start of a powerful momentum to take determined action toward infinite growth – just as Athena would have you.

  • Day 2 is the prayer to “Fly and Be Free.

This audio prayer is centered around the Goddess Artemis.She’s the Goddess of Freedom, Nature, and Liberation.This powerful prayer is imbued with the 852Hz frequency.This frequency helps to open up the heart to receive divine liberation. And the prayer empowers you to become crystal clear about your soul’s innate goal and direction.You’ll feel a powerful freedom to be the divine YOU that has been embedded into your unique DNA from birth.This prayer will also help you dissolve your attachment to society’s expectations… Helping release you from feeling stuck, stagnant, and confined… And help you soar as you were meant to – as a divine descendent of ArtemiGoddess Mockup

  • Day 3 is the prayer to “Unleash the Self Love.”

This audio prayer is connected to the Goddess Quan Yin.She’s the ancient Goddess of Unconditional Love and Forgiveness.This prayer is drenched in the 639Hz healing frequency… Designed to dismiss self-judgment… Demolish self-loathing… And develop a deep appreciative love and acceptance of self.More than any other prayer, this audio addresses the “feminine wound.”Women around the world are judged and belittled for not living up to the ideals and expectations society places on their shoulders.This self-love track will help you heal those wounds… And embrace the only truly essential love in this world.The call to love yourself.Goddess Mockup

Ways to tap into Goddess Manifestation Energy Secrets USA 2023

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  • On Day 4 you’ll embrace the audio prayer called “Awaken Abundance.”

This audio prayer is connected to the Goddess Lakshmi.She’s the Goddess of Abundance, Joy, Wealth, and Beauty. This prayer is paired with a unique and powerful harmonic frequency of 60Hz.This is the same frequency of the electromagnetic “echos” that bounce between the surface of the Earth and the ionosphere.It’s the frequency of Earth’s natural abundance and bounty. This prayer will help you unlock your natural state of abundance.Helping you express the Feminine Divine in your DNA. Ways to tap into Goddess Manifestation Energy Secrets 2021Through this prayer you’ll begin to dissolve the old lies that you don’t deserve financial abundance… Or that you’re not worthy of joy and beauty.This is a powerful alignment audio that you’ll go back to time and again.Goddess Mockup

  • Day 5 is the prayer of “Divine Light.”

This prayer is devoted to Sophia, Goddess of Divine, Mystical Light… And it’s paired with the powerful 174Hz frequency.Sophia’s prayer will help you clear away the years of self-doubt about your inherent wisdom as a divine soul.Self-Doubt is a crippling form of fear… And the Divine Light of Sophia will help you reconnect with your divine feminine wisdom.Goddess Mockup

  • Day 6 is the prayer of “Unbridled Passion.”

This prayer is embedded into an audio track with the 528Hz frequency.This frequency has been shown to help rejuvenate your cells… Repair damaged DNA… And even reduce the harmful effects of the stress hormone cortisol Ways to tap into Goddess Manifestation Energy Secrets 2023
Women from every age and era have been objectified based on appearances.Leaving women feeling like they’re never “enough”… And passion and sensuality can seem shameful.Aphrodite’s prayer will help you powerfully connect with your own pure and righteous sensuality.It’s not only your divine design – it’s your divine right Goddess Mockup

  • Day 7 is the prayer of “Fearless Wisdom.”

This audio prayer is associated with the Goddess Saraswati.She’s the Goddess of Knowledge and Wisdom… And this audio is based around the 384Hz frequency.It works to clear attachments to judgement from others Giving you total freedom to express yourself blissfully.

Ways to tap into Goddess Manifestation Energy Secrets USA 2023 Conclusion

You’ll observe an undeniable “Divine Sign” that the Goddess within… Is waking up.Maybe it will be a feeling of confidence and hope We’ve committed to help save young girls from the horrors of sex trafficking and slavery Which is the ultimate manifestation of the feminine wound. When you say “yes” to Goddess Manifestation Secrets today

Diana, Sophie, and I will donate a portion of the proceeds to a non-profit called Operation Underground Railroad It’s an organization tirelessly working to end sex trafficking around the world.So, when you say “yes” to awakening the feminine divine… You’re also saying “yes” to ending the nightmare of sex trafficking around the world.How amazing would it feel to know that together, we’re giving young girls the opportunity to live a life free from enslavement.So this concludes the topic Ways to tap into Goddess Manifestation Energy Secrets USA 2023