January 16, 2023

Unique secret codes windows USA 2023

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Topic: Unique secret codes windows USA 2023

Unique secret codes windows 10

Unique secret codes windows USA 2023

Unique secret codes windows USA 2023 –  Unique and Hidden features of your PC that you did not know

In the recent few years the world has witnessed a surge in our usage of electronic gadgets, and it is especially evident when it comes to laptops and desktops. windows 10 hidden features you didn t know existed These devices are a much more reliable and convenient option for multiple things such as online learning, attending school or college classes, meetings or even for working from home.Read more about Unique secret codes windows USA 2023

The ability to store vast amounts of data along with the various functions found in these electronic devices makes them the preferred option for people from all ages and backgrounds. windows 10 tips, tricks and hacks While there are many features and shortcuts on these devices that we are aware of and we use on a daily basis, there are also many hidden features on our devices which most of us are not aware of.

These can make our lives easier and can help save time by completing specific functions and tasks within split seconds. Some of these hidden features that can be found in devices that support Microsoft Windows 10 are :

  • Show Desktop Button – Most of us who have been using these electronic devices for years are still not aware of the fact that it is possible to peek at the home screen as well as directly going to it without closing hundreds of tabs and multiple windows that you might have opened for various tasks.

    We can go back to the desktop without minimizing each of them. All the way down in the bottom-right corner of the taskbar, there is a small and almost invisible sliver of a button that enables us to come back to the desktop without closing each and every tab separately. Even just grazing over this button can give us a preview of the desktop.

  • Slide to Shut down the PC – Right-click on the desktop and select “New”. After this, click on the shortcut option. In the pop-up window that appears right after, type SlideToShutDown as the location of the file. The file has to be renamed. Now click Finish to create a clickable icon on your desktop. windows 10 hidden features

     Now go to the properties option after right-clicking. Enter a key in the Short cut box and click on Apply. You can then double-click on the shortcut or enter your keyboard shortcut to prompt a pull-down shade to appear. Drag the shade down to the bottom of the screen using your mouse and this will turn off the PC.Unique secret codes windows USA 2023

  • Pin Windows – Most of us need to alternate between different windows in order to get our work done. This can be made easier if we are able to pin different windows on different parts of the screen. There is an option that makes this possible. You can click on any window and move it to the left or right portion of the screen and it will stay in that portion. This can also be done by combining the windows key and any of the arrows. Win + left arrow, for instance.

  • Dictating option – Speech recognition is a very reliable feature that we can use on our devices. Win + H can be used to record your voice using the PC’s microphone and this will let you dictate whatever you want your computer to type for you. windows 10 secret start menu, However, the punctuations have to be typed in manually as dictating a punctuation is not possible yet.

  • Dark/Light mode – The color mode of your PC can be changed by going to settings, clicking on “Personalization” and then on “Colors”. You can choose the theme that you require.

  • Screen Capture Tool – You can just press Shift, Win and S together to choose between the size of the screen you need to capture.

  • Emojis and Symbols – to find a wide array of symbols and super cool emojis on your device, windows 10 secret features all you have to do is press Windows Key-Period(.), and there you have it.

  • Cloud Clipboard – It is unknown to a lot of people that multiple items can be saved simultaneously and can even be pasted across devices. All one has to do is click on Win + V, and you can view all the recent clippings on the clipboard. You have to first go to settings, and then click on “System” and “Clipboard” after that to control this and to sign in to Microsoft account.

We hope you find these unique features useful! So this concludes the topic for Unique secret codes windows USA 2023

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