January 15, 2023

Improve Body Clock sleep Hygiene USA 2024

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Topic: Improve Body Clock sleep Hygiene USA 2024

Improve Body Clock sleep hygiene

Improve Body Clock sleep Hygiene USA 2024

Improve Body Clock sleep Hygiene USA 2024 – how to improve sleep

With the ultra fastened and yet slower than ever- under lockdown lifestyle that we have been living in, it would be a lie if someone says they did not have any trouble with their sleep schedule. Our body works under the discipline of a 24-hour sleep-wake cycle, which controls our internal clock rotations between sleep and wakefulness. Read more about Improve Body Clock sleep Hygiene USA 2024.

Often, this rhythmic discipline gets affected at the cost of our beauty sleep due to several reasons, which when ignored can cause serious health issues and adversely affect our personal and professional lives. Some of the many possible reasons can be:

  • Mental Stress or Anxiety

  • Change in work-shifts

  • Jet lags

  • Personal or professional issues

  • All-nighters

There can be various other reasons which we might not be able to address here, that might build up to become a cause of loss of sleep, unhealthy sleep or irregular sleep schedule.

However, there are certain self-care tips sleeping tips that you can try to aid your sleep hygiene and improve your body clock.

  • Monitoring your diet:

Remember the times when we were taught the importance of having a healthy and balanced diet to have a healthy body and mind? – Now is the time to inculcate it seriously in your life!

The fast-fashioned lifestyle that we live in today has somehow increased our inclination towards packaged, readymade and junk food. All this junk, when fed to our bodies, will obviously mess up our health. Nutritionists and health experts have very often stressed the importance of dietary choices for maintaining a healthy body and its impact on our sleep, including the quality of sleep, the duration of our sleep and even our subconscious thoughts while sleeping- dreams!

Some tips that can be followed in our diet food for good sleep to cater to our sleep issues are:

  • Don’t go to sleep starving or too stuffed: Either of these cases can mess up the blood circulation in the body while lying on the bed and can affect your sleep negatively.

  • Avoid consumption of Nicotine, Caffeine, and Alcohol: The stimulating effects of these chemicals before going to bed can hamper your way to slipping into your slumber and can even harm quality sleep hours.

  • Reduce late-night snacks, instead, take really light meals before going to bed.

  • Be Nutrient-conscious. Consult your doctor or nutritionist if you have to, and make sure you have a balanced level of consumption of necessary nutrients and vitamins.


Regular physical activity can improve blood circulation in the body and help your metabolism to a healthier lifestyle and also promote better sleep. how to sleep instantly In fact, it is highly advisable for every individual of every age group to include at least 30 minutes of brisk walking in their daily lives for a healthy life.

  • Be Mindful of irregular long day-time naps:

This beautiful, untimely habit of beauty sleep good sleep habits can actually cost you your effective beauty sleep hours!

Health experts have noted that while napping for 30 minutes or less can enhance the daytime functioning of our brains-longer naps can reduce sleep quality.

So, be very careful of your napping time durations!

  • Optimize your bedroom environment:

Although not much has been spoken about it, our bedroom environment affects a lot of things Improve Body Clock sleep hygiene USA 2023 when it comes to our sleep quality.
It was only recently with the “indoor-office” trend due to the pandemic, that we started to address that our beds are
meant only for sleeping.

And, a tidy, neat and customised bedroom environment actually does affect our sleep.
Thus, it is recommendable to declutter your bedroom and arrange your stuff according to your comfort for a better sleep experience.


Last, but not least, meditating and exercising mental peace is one of the most important things when it comes to having a good sleeping experience Improve Body Clock sleep Hygiene USA 2023

Prolonged stress, anxiety, and mental health issues can pile up to become the strongest enemies of a sound body and mind, and thus, it is very important for one to address these issues.

Seeking professional help for stress management and creating a relaxing bedtime ritual may reduce the issue and its negative effects on sleep. Some calming activities to help yourself can be:

  • Yoga

  • Meditation

  • Physical Activities

  • Journaling

  • Painting

  • Pottery

  • Gardening

  • Drinking caffeine-free tea like chamomile

Remember to consult your doctor and seek help. Do not suffer alone, and it is always okay to take a break when things get too hard.

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